Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What We've Been Up to

I haven't written lately, but that doesn't mean we haven't been doing anything worth sharing. Here's a sample of what we've been doing:

  • Our neighborhood had a yard sale... Reed and Miles had both chosen some toys to sell, so they both made a little money. Since it was immediately burning a hole in their pockets (they don't get that from me!), they walked down the street to check out some other yard sales. Miles bought a super cool metal detector! He has had lots of fun with this... and is looking forward to taking it to the beach!

  • Had lunch with my friend Corliss and her daughter Codi, and my mom. I had mentioned to Corliss recently that I wanted an old school desk for my front porch. She loves yard sales & antique stores, and I knew if I mentioned it, she'd deliver. Her neighbor just happened to call and ask if she needed an old school desk that was just taking up space at her house! Corliss snatched that thing up and brought it to me - all the way from the rivah - so she literally did deliver! Miles thought it was so cool, and just had to "do school" in it the first day. Then I made it into what I had in mind all along. What do you think? I happen to love it! (so don't answer that if you think it's tacky!)

  • Made this yummy lunch! Yes, taking a picture of my lunch is weird - but I couldn't resist. It was so pretty! Spinach, strawberries, chicken, and poppy seed dressing, wrapped up in a whole wheat tortilla... yummy almost-summer lunch! It's so good, I make it almost every day now!

  • Went on a field trip with some fellow homeschool friends to the river walk canal in Richmond. Learned lots of interesting Richond history, and enjoyed the company. Look at all of those kids! And there are the moms... I don't think we look like homeschool moms, do you? You won't find any ankle- length denim skirts in this group :)

And now we're almost done with school... planning on doing our end of the year testing tomorrow and then we're all finished! Woohoo! Look for pictures to come celebrating that summer is here!


Jennifer Renee said...

1. my aunt is in your picture and that makes me laugh

2. i've never been to the river walk I must go

3. Your salad looks delish :)

4. I love the desk (we once had one from Flora Hill before they tore it down)

5. I showed Jes the game you played with your family and laughed so hard again that it brought tears to my eyes...we are definitely planning to play at thanksgiving this year :)

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are all so sweet....and your accounts of fun things you've done.....I love your life!!! Enjoy sweet girl....God is blessing you and you share blessings so, mama

Anonymous said...

The wrap looked very yummy...
the desk looks great too... love it..
have a great day
Jen B