Monday, May 11, 2009


My family loves to play games together. When my Mema and Aunt Laura come up to visit, or when we head down to Kinston, one of our very favorite things to do is sit down for a good game of cards or a fun new board game. I read about this new game recently on Heth's blog and knew we had to try it. I won't even attempt to explain it... Heth does a good job explaining it on her original post. Basically, it's like a game of "telephone" (you know, everyone sits in a circle and passes a secret to the next person until it reaches the original person and it ends up nothing like it started as) but with sentences and drawing. We played it this weekend when Mema, Papa, and Aunt Laura came up to visit. So much fun! And just like Heth, I am showing you a couple of examples that had us either laughing 'til we cried or on the verge of wetting our pants. These are from the Friday night games. Enjoy...

This was my original sentence. I passed it to the left to Reed and this is what he drew:

Reed then passed it left to my mom, who wrote this sentence.

"The eighth boy put something in the mailbox." Alrighty then. So, she passed it to Mema who drew this. Brace yourself.

Ok, so we aren't a family of artists. Mema passed it to Aunt Laura who wrote this sentence:

And that was the end of that round. Funny, huh? Check this one out...

Original sentence, written by me and passed to Reed on my left, who drew this:

Who then passed it to my mom, and - again, brace yourself, people - she wrote this:

Who then passed it to Mema and, let me just say right here... everyone should play with my Mema at least once in their lifetime. Here is her interpretation of above sentence:

And of course, Aunt Laura wrote this:

Well, of course it was. Makes perfect sense.

Did I say already how much I love this game? Round up some of your favorite people and play it today! And if you do, let me know how fun your game was!


Jennifer Renee said...

1) I'm glad my post brought back memories

2) I'm sad I didn't see you this weekend (I was home)

3) Your post was amazing...I love your mom (and Mema and Aunt Laura)

Too funny

Anonymous said...

This IS the best game....just brings us close to each other....sitting, talking, laughing, loving, making memories....let's play it over and over, mama