Thursday, January 22, 2009

Things I Love Thursday - The Wii Fit


I am new to Things I love Thursdays, and my first "thing" I'll tell you about is our new Wii Fit. You may remember that I vowed to be more disciplined at exercising. Walking, specifically. I love to walk, especially with some music or good talk radio in my ears. But in reality... it is cooooold here in the mornings. I sucked it up through November and most of December and bundled up, but then my sweet Jay surprised me with a Wii Fit for Christmas. Aha! I can exercise indoors now. Love it!

For the first week or so, I tried things out. I got to know which exercises were my favorites (hula hoop, step aerobics) and which ones there's no way I'm trying again (umm, most of the Strength exercises)! But, for the past 28 days (I know because they keep track of it for me) I have exercised every day and I love it! I have gotten into the routine of waking up and doing 30 minutes of step aerobics in the morning before I do anything else. Once I "unlocked" free step, I am now able to change the channel and watch the news (or more likely, catch up on DVR'd episodes of Rachael Ray) while I step. I also do another 30 minutes of step either in the late afternoon or in the evening before bed. In addition, I like to do some of the strength exercises, and the Super Hula Hoop (6 minutes of hula hooping - 3 minutes each direction) is a workout!

I wish I could say I've dropped those 10 pounds already. I haven't, but I can tell a difference in the way my clothes are fitting, and that's a good start. Hopefully this is an exercise routine I can stick to... check back with me in March and see how I'm holding up!