Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pizza Casserole

I made this last night for dinner, and it was a hit, so I thought I'd share. Easy, tasty, and the kids especially loved it. Reed just polished off the leftovers for lunch.

Pizza Casserole

2 cans refrigerated biscuits (I used Grands)

1 jar pizza sauce

1 package pepperoni slices

mozzarella cheese

This recipe is so easy, that it almost doesn't need explaining. Basically, layer and bake. First, you'll want to cut your biscuits into quarters and toss them with the pizza sauce. Layer the biscuits in the bottom of a 9 x 13 dish. Top with pepperoni slices and then top with the cheese. Bake at 350 degrees until done.**

Enjoy! Let me know if you try it!

**here's the only tricky part... the recipe calls for baking for only 25 minutes, which definitely wasn't enough time. You'll notice a little bit missing from the bottom left corner, which is from testing to see if they were done. The edges were definitely done, but the middle (from which I dipped Jay's portion was a bit, um, doughy... let's just say he wasn't a fan of doughy) was not. Note to self: test from the middle next time, and bake longer... maybe 45 minutes? Even with this issue, it was still very tasty and I will make it again.


Jennifer Renee said...

yum....I'm definitely making that for dinner tomorrow! :)

jenjen said...

That looks delicious! My kids will love it!
Thanks so much!


Anonymous said...

I made it.. it was good... it was a definite hit with the kids... :)
Jen B