Thursday, February 5, 2009

Homeschooling: How We Roll

This is what a normal school day looks like:

Some days I walk into the room and discover I'm not teaching my kids, but someone else altogether, like this:

And some mornings (like today), something like this is all it takes to turn our school day into a bad case of the giggles. Like every time the word is uttered.

Ahhh... boys.


Andrea C. Parker said...

What an AMAZING mom and teacher! So COOL!

Kim said...

Hey Holly! Glad you found me on facebook :) and I had no idea you had a blog. Hope you guys are doing well and having a great school year!

Are either of your boys interested in art? I am having an art class here at my home in Ashley Forest that will start mid-March. The instructor is a VCU grad and a beautiful artist/illustrator. She will teach a younger class (ages 7-10) and then and older one (10 & up).

I am not advertising since it is in my house so I have just been telling folks that I know (and trust!) I'd be glad to send you some info if you are interested.


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you and how you instill knowledge and have fun at the same time....little boys need to have fun.....and you get to see when and how they learn....use their undergird them in their weak places without judgement or unfairness as sometimes happens with unkind teachers.....I will keep praying for you.....just know that I am proud!!! love, mama