Monday, February 23, 2009

Basketball Star

Apparently this was the year of humility for Reed in the Upwards program. Last year his team was undefeated, and this year, they were mostly... defeated. He had a great team; they worked well together as a team and all got along well. They were supportive of one another and had so much fun out there, win or lose.

We've been so proud of Reed this year. He really is a great basketball player (he gets it honest), but more than that, he is a great person out on that court. I can see in him a humble spirit, a caring heart, honesty (even when it means the other team gets the ball), a fun-loving attitude that is contagious... and these are the things we are most proud of in him.

We love you, our basketball star! You are such fun to watch! We will always cheer you on, win or lose. Love, Mom and Dad (Coach)

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