Monday, October 6, 2008

What happens with the staff wives...

I bet you are able to finish that sentence! We had our annual retreat at the beach last weekend, and we had a blast. Frankie and Shelley are soooo generous to allow us to stay at their beach house, and we do appreciate them so much for it. Lots of laughter, a counter and cabinets FULL of goodies, a fridge full of Diet Cokes, fun games, a good movie, a few tears, lots of shopping, hunting for sea glass, taking pictures, tattoos, wearing our shirts again, practical jokes... did I miss anything??? No, that pretty much sums up our time away together. Well, except for the things that are only between us... you know, because what happens with the staff wives STAYS with the staff wives! Or at least we hope so! Looking forward to next year already!

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