Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Haiku is cool

Reed is learning how to write Haiku poems in his 4th grade language arts class. Today we had some fun writing a few... thought I'd share, because I thought they were great!

Silly, smiling Miles
drawing pictures in notebook

Swishing in the net
shot after shot after shot
He gets the high score

White, soft, fast puppy
fun to play with in backyard
she is a good dog

Cheesy, orangey
I could eat it ev'ry day
I love mac and cheese

and my favorite...

Spicy, brown cookies
crunchy, hard to bite into
I hate gingersnaps


Jennifer Renee said...

1) I love that I now can read your blog :)

2) I LOVE Haikus. If you ever want to get your boys excited about poetry you MUST read "Love that Dog" by Sharon Creech with them. It's amazing. It's a novel written in every kind of poetry you can imagine. It's in the voice of an elementary aged boy learning to write poetry. He hates it at first, but learns it's how to express his feelings about his dog through writing. A MUST READ! :)

3) Thanks for your eharmony support! :P I actually have atleast 4 friends who have married people they met online. :) I just think paying money is crazy. My sister says, "Jen, it's an investment." What can I say, I'm cheap!? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly! Guess what? I was home today and I have been wanting to start a journal for the longest! Just for the reason to bring me closer to God. You know, by writing down the things that happen to you each day that is obviously God at work, yet, so easily forgotten and looked over. So Sandy was really showing me yours and what you do...and here I am. I have soething up. It's not as pretty as yours BY FAR.. Infact, I need some help. But My hubby can probably do that.
I did want to comment on how CUTE Reed it! And smart! Those Haiku's were great! Tell him I said so!