Saturday, September 29, 2007


Have you ever come face to face with the reality that the Lord had spared you from some terrible event? How often does this happen and we have no idea? Praise God, we were spared this week.

We have had some problems with our oven. About a month ago, we had to call Sears to come out because it was not heating up at all. The young man who came couldn't quite figure out the problem, but by the time he left, assured me all was well. Ever since that day, I noticed a burning smell every time I turned on the oven. I finally stopped using the oven and called Sears again to come out. The sweet man who came out this time informed me that there had been a fire in our recepticle at some point. He showed me the burned cord and recepticle cover, melted and charred. He mentioned that this is the kind of thing that will start a fire - the kind of fire that you don't realize is happening until it is way too late. If you know me, you know that I have been afraid of fire since I was small. Well, who isn't afraid of fire, really? I really am a little paranoid though, a little over the top afraid. So, this realization about a fire... even a fire that did not amount to anything, but the realization that it COULD have... it did something to me. I am just so incredibly grateful to the Lord that nothing happened. Praise Him with me, won't you? He is so good. All the time.

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sandy said...

I sat in the hospital room beside your Daddy for 23 days....once we heard "angels" singing.....real flesh and blood earth angels singing black spirituals to their elderly auntie down the hall.....they visited Daddy's room, sang joyously, laid hands on him, prayed fervently...and I watched the fear fade from his face. It was the best medicine he could have received, and a sense of peace stayed with us both from there on out. Yes, God rescues....God spares us from danger....God's sovereignty never ceases to amaze me and when we are least aware of it and most in need of causes us to Praise!!!....I love you babygirl and am so happy you are safe under His, Mama