Monday, March 15, 2010

My Goodness...

... I stink at this thing called "regularly updating your blog". (Hey Jen! Thanks for the nudge!) So, I was asked if we survived the Daniel fast, since that was one of the last things I talked about on the blog. Yes, we survived and came out with a new appreciation for a few new foods, a few "keeper" recipes (but definitely not all of them!), and eyes and hearts opened wider to appreciate everything we have. I told someone recently that I'm so good at following the rules that I don't know if that qualifies as a successful fast.... simply "following the rules". It was a great experience though, and I'm still seeing the fruit of it some days. (Unfortunately, the few pounds I lost have come back to me. And I think they brought a friend or two along for the ride.)

Well, a couple of weekends ago we headed to NC to host a baby shower for my cousin Joey and his wife, Joy (yes, we took the shower to them!). It was a fun whirlwind of a day. Lots of laughter, lots of good food (recipe to follow) and lots of PINK! We are so excited to meet baby Charlotte in a few weeks! I made this punch recipe and it was a big hit... I thought I'd share the recipe here.

Frozen Cappucino Punch

1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup instant coffee granules
1 cup boiling water
8 cups milk
1 qt. vanilla and 1 qt. chocolate ice cream, softened

In a small bowl, combine sugar and coffee. Stir in boiling water until dissolved. Cover and refrigerate until chilled. Just before serving, pour coffee mixture into a one gallon punch bowl. Stir in milk. Add scoops of ice cream and stir until melted.

If you have tried a Coffee Toffee Twisted Frosty from Wendy's and love it, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that this tastes almost exactly like it, minus the toffee! It's a tad addicting... I almost cried when we had to pour out the leftovers. Couldn't exactly bring them back to Virginia with us, but I did consider it. It really is that good!

I think that explains where the pounds came from!!

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Jennifer Renee said...

haha...i know it is hard to stay up with the blogging :P

the punch sounds amazing! :)