Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March Madness

Just after getting his credentials... feeling pretty important!

If you know Reed, you know the boy loves some basketball. He entered a contest a few months back at our bank, and the winner got to be the "ball boy" for one of the rounds of the CAA Basketball Tournament that was being held at the Richmond Coliseum. Well, he didn't win the contest, but he did get to do it! In a casual conversation with a man that goes to our church, Jay mentioned the contest. The man then said that his friend is the one in charge of the CAA and he'd email him to see if Reed could be "in"... the next morning, he was "in"! Talk about excited! He even got us free tickets so we could all go and enjoy the games. We had a blast (and if you know me, you know that the fact that it was free made it extra fun!!) watching the game, but even more fun watching Reed enjoy this fun day.

Reed ran up to tell us about all of the free food in the hospitality suite... all of the Buffalo Wild Wings and free Mountain Dew he could devour! He is pumped!I took the above photo so you could see how close Reed got to enjoy the game... see him in the white shirt sitting just below the basket??? Talk about great seats!

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Jennifer Renee said...

wow, what an awesome opportunity! :)