Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Final Bargain of 2008

Ok, I never thought I'd be one of those bloggers who takes pictures of her clothes. Like I need another reason for Jay to think I've lost it. BUT, I can't even believe the deal I just got and I had to share it with all of bloggyville.

I've been searching for dark jeans. Not too dark. Not too long (which is always a challenge). And most importantly, not too expensive. I am always up for a good challenge, and while I've seen some jeans I could have settled with, I have refused to give up until I found the perfect combination of good color, good fit, and good price. The boys and I stopped in Cato this afternoon and, I can finally check "the perfect dark jeans" off my list... behold the $7.99 jeans:

Seven dollars and ninety nine cents. And they came with a cute belt! Score! I also found a really cute top ($7.99) and some sassy black shoes ($9.99)... so I bought an entire outfit for $27.27!!! And if that wasn't awesome enough, I had a gift card that had a remaining balance, so I only paid $7.30 for my super sweet new outfit. Here is a picture of the whole outfit:

And, a close up shot of the price tag, in case you don't believe the sweet deal:

The marked down prices aren't showing up great in the picture, so I'll let you know that the jeans started out at $24.99 (most people consider that a pretty good price for jeans), then they were marked down to $17.99, then to $11.99, and finally the low, low price of $7.99. Crazy. I know my sister is rolling with laughter as she reads this. What can I say? I love a bargain and I am so proud of myself for this one! Woohoo! Here's to good bargains in 2009... Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

ok you win!!!.....I personally believe the main reason you took that picture is cause you wanted Bloggyville to know you wear a size 8!!!!! I would have took that picture if the jeans had cost $75.00!!! I love you super shopper!!! mama

Jennifer Renee said...

lol :) love your mama's comment! :)

and I'm amazed at your super shopper skills...I've been looking for dark trouser jeans for months....absolutely no luck...I find trying on jeans flat out depressing...your luck gives me hope though! :)

sad i didn't see you while I was at home...hope you had a wonderful holiday season! :)

Andrea C. Parker said...

I LOVE a good bargain! Great job! LOVE your beautiful blog!!