Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eight Things About Me

I just saw this over at Amanda's, and even though she didn't tag me, I've been wanting to do one of these, so here we go:

8 t.v. shows I watch:
1. Jon & Kate Plus 8
2. Rachael Ray
3. House
4. sometimes Oprah
5. The Office
6. most anything on Food Network
7. QVC
8. lots of Disney channel & Nickelodeon when the boys are in charge of the remote

8 restaurants that I love:
1. Don Papa Grande
2. Olive Garden
3. O'Charleys
4. Five Guys (Jay just recently introduced me to their awesome burgers)
5. Don Papa Grande
6. Sibley's BBQ
7. Chick-Fil-A
8. Don Papa Grande

8 Things I did today:
1. Got a wake up call from the lady at the pet groomers'... we were 30 minutes late dropping Laci off, b/c we all overslept
2. Took Miles for an xray of his finger (not broken)
3. Had lunch with Mom at Don Papa Grande
4. Shopped a little after lunch
5. Got a haircut at Mom's
6. Made a brownie trifle
7. Went to the staff Christmas party at church
8. Watched a little of "The Polar Express" with the boys before bed

8 Things I Look Forward to:
1. Christmas
2. Our next Disney vacation
3. Buying a new mattress
4. seeing some snow, hopefully
5. Christmas party this Friday night
6. leftover brownie trifle in the fridge (if Reed doesn't get to it first)
7. the end of 4th grade and Kindergarten
8. going to church on Sundays

8 Things I am Wishing for:
1. a white Christmas
2. a full jewelry show calendar for 2009
3. to one day go on a cruise
4. a new mattress
5. good health for our family and friends
6. a car fairy to come and clean out my car in the middle of the night
7. that my boys might stay little forever
8. that I'll be a good example for them and the Lord will erase from their minds when I am not

8 People I'm tagging to do this:
1. My mom
2. Jen K.
3. Jen B.
4. Joy
5. anyone
6. else
7. reading
8. this

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