Monday, June 30, 2008


I hate weeds. I hate everything about them. I don't like pulling them, but I can't stand looking at them, so it has to be done. My flowerbeds look so nice without the weeds.

A couple of weeks ago I was outside in the hot June sun pulling weeds. The boys were inside, so it was quiet, and I had plenty of time to think as I was busily working. I started thinking about those hateful weeds, and how much they are like the sin in our lives.

There is one flower bed on the side of our house that has very shallow weeds. They are very easy to pull out and I can get that job done pretty quickly. Those weeds reminded me of the shallow, or more superficial sins. I know that in God's eyes, sin is sin, but let's face it. As humans, we do see different sins on different levels. These sins tend to pop up quickly and perhaps they are always just under the surface. Jealousy, bitterness, gossip, pride. Always there, and the enemy knows it. He waits for the perfect opportunity to tempt us with them.

There is another flower bed that has huge weeds with deep roots, and these are very difficult to pull out. I am reminded of those deeper, secret sins that we all have but want desperately to keep hidden. Deep, deep down, the memory of them is there, and if we aren't careful they may slowly come creeping back. Before we know it, we could be tangled up.

Of course, the key is staying on top of those weeds, or sins. Either way, if you want to have a nice, clean flower bed or a nice, clean life, we must be diligent to stay in God's Word. We must resist the temptation when it comes... it will come, you know.

We hung out with some friends last night, and the subject of weeds came up. As we were talking a storm was passing over, and they mentioned that the best time to pull weeds is right after a good rain. They were absolutely right... I tried it today. So, you could say that the "living water" is the absolute best thing for a heart full of sinful weeds. They're much easier to get rid of when doused with a good soaking.

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