Thursday, April 3, 2008

Catching up

I'm pretty sure I promised myself that I'd get better at this blogging thing. Nope. And no good excuses, really. So, sorry... but really, I think I am the only person who reads it anyway! And since it's mainly my way of recording family memories, let me just catch up since I last wrote.

Easter came early this year, and for us it was especially memorable. Jay's little sister, Stephanie, was baptized at her church. We had a long day, starting at our church for the 8:00 service, then we headed across town to Mt. Pleasant Baptist, where Stephanie is a member. It was sweet to be there and celebrate with her. She is 18 years old and will be leaving in the fall for college. The year that Jay and I met is the year she was born! She was five years old when she was the flower girl in our wedding. Wow.

After church, we all headed out to Jay's parents' house for a huge family lunch and Easter egg hunt for the kids. Full bellies, full baskets and full hearts... it was a great day.

I've mentioned before that our church is on the move... literally, we are moving a few miles down the road to a brand new building. Jay has been working extremely long hours for the past few months, preparing for the move, and now it's almost here. Only 10 more days before we have our first service in the new building... it's "crunch time" now, and the hours are getting longer and longer. Last night he wasn't home until 1:00 a.m.! Whew; I know he is exhausted and we'll all be so glad when all of the hard work is done. But for now, we know the work is totally worth it. This Sunday is our last Sunday in the old building. Better grab a few tissues on the way into the sanctuary; it's going to be an emotional one, for sure. Our sweet Reed was baptized in that building a few summers ago. Both of our boys have grown up and out of the nursery there. It was the site of my surprise Anniversary vow renewal 2 years ago (I'll have to write about that one day). Jay has portrayed Jesus in the last 3 Christmas pageants there, and Reed was on stage for his first "real part" in the pageant this past year. So many wonderful memories attached to that building. But, the church is more than the building... and we will make so many more memories in this new place. We are so very excited about the move. More to come later about that!

I'll write again soon(er)!

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