Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Birthday, January babies!

So, in our family, we have to start saving some serious money right after Christmas, because there are eight birthdays from December 31st-January 28th! That is alot of cake and ice cream, not to mention gifts to buy! Included in that list are my sister (Jan. 3rd), my dad (Jan. 12th), my mom (Jan. 20th), and our youngest, Miles (Jan. 28th). We had a Sponge Bob birthday party here Sunday night for sweet Miles, who is now 5! In honor of him, a few things about Miles at age 5:

  • One word: hilarious

  • Energy, energy, energy... and one volume: loud!

  • Generous, kind-hearted, a good friend

  • Sweet, on-key singing voice

  • Always up for a game of hide & seek

  • Loves grandma's homemade mac & cheese, pizza, and strawberries

  • Is well loved by his Sunday School teachers, Miss Dawn and Miss Marsha, who spoil him rotten on a weekly basis

I could go on and on about this sweet little one. God has blessed us with another fun boy to love, and I am so very glad he chose me to be Miles' mama. Happy birthday, sweet Miles!

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