Thursday, July 22, 2010

And, they're out!

**Blogger was completely not cooperating with me... pics are obviously out of order!

Reed had his tonsils out Monday (July 19). Unfortunately, he inherited my susceptibility to strep throat, and has suffered with several bouts of strep per year for several years now. He also recently was seen by his doctor for stomach pains, which Dr. B thought may be from chronic throat infection settling in his tonsils. All of this together meant: time for a tonsillectomy!

We were referred to a wonderful ENT, Dr. Tarasidis. He is a fun, caring doctor who put Reed (and us) to ease knowing he was in such good hands. Here is a picture of the two of them, just minutes before heading into surgery. Dr. T decided to pose for the picture, since Jay said it would definitely be appearing on facebook!

The first few pictures are of Reed when I was allowed to come into the recovery room to see him. Jay had to go back to work, and had left just minutes before, so Reed called him to let him know he did great! He was sitting up eating a slushie when I got to him, and a sweet nurse (I didn't get her name) was leaning on his bed rail talking to him. When I walked in she said "Mama, I don't know what you've been doing with this one, but keep it up; he is precious". Do you even know what that does to a Mama's heart? Yes, I teared up. He had all of the nurses gushing over what a wonderful patient he was.

And here he is being wheeled out to the car by the discharge nurse, Lizette. I think he liked all of the attention!

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