Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day One

Have you ever heard this commercial?

"Do you have 10-20 pounds to lose? Ladies, do you ever feel bloated? Do you ever say 'I feel fat today'?"

Actually ~ yes, yes, and YES!

I hear this almost every morning on the radio. The commercial is for a product called Ever Cleanse. The company promises weight loss, along with increased energy and beautiful skin. That's all I need to hear ~ sign me up! I always consider it for a few seconds when I hear the ad, and then never think about it again during the course of my day.

Last night during a Wal-Mart run, I saw some Ever Cleanse on the shelf and decided to give it a try. Today is Day One. So far, so good. (It has only been 2 hours or so... I may change my mind later!) At the risk of TMI, (who really reads this besides my mom and Lisa anyway?? Oh yeah, and Jen; I'm ok with her knowing about this!) I plan to blog about my experience and hopefully by the end of the program will have some fabulous results to share. Did I mention "belly fat" is supposed to disappear?!?

Here's to a healthy colon!
(Sorry, I couldn't resist...)


Anonymous said...

okay girl to funny keep us updated on whither it works or not... I would love to drop 10lbs.... :)

love ya

Anonymous said...

You had not told me you purchased this product.......wow....is it working????....my Acai stuff keeps me not hungry, and I'm making better food choices, but no fast nothing in the dropping of the pounds or belly fat!!!! ....mama