Monday, May 26, 2008

Making an Impact

Some time ago, our church created a new logo, with a tagline underneath that reads "Impacting our World for Christ". You see this everywhere at our church, from the sign out front, to the bulletins each week... it is even etched into the beautiful new pulpit that our pastor stands behind.

About a month or so ago, we were saying our bedtime prayers and Miles added a little tagline of his own. The prayer was the usual: "Thank you, God, for Daddy and Mommy and Reedy. Thank you for this fun day we had. Thank you for Grandma and Grandpa and Stephanie and Daisy. Thank you for Nannie and Pop." (and on and on until he has named almost everyone he knows - and their pets) And then at the end he said "and please help us to impact our world for Christ". Wow. It isn't like he has heard us say it, and he can't read yet, so although he sees it repeatedly, he isn't reading it. He obviously heard it at church, and it stuck.

So now, it has become our family's prayer. At breakfast or lunch or dinner, whoever is praying adds on the tagline. When we say our bedtime prayers, we all pray it. I pray that it isn't just something we say. I pray that it becomes who we are.

May we all impact our world for Christ. And let the little children lead us.

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