Sunday, August 12, 2007


Dear Reed,

How can it be that you are eight years old? When did you grow up? It seems like yesterday, driving to the hospital on the night before you were born. We had been there already, several times in fact, only to be sent home because it just wasn't time. But the morning of the 8th was the perfect time; it was scheduled for you to come into this world on August 8th long before we even dreamed of you. My doctor even said it was a great day to have a baby, but then, he probably says that every day! Turns out he was right.

In honor of your 8th birthday, a list of things about you... (and even in your favorite color)

-you are almost as tall as me; just a few more inches to go

-your feet are already bigger than mine!

-you are a good friend, and everyone likes to be around you

-you are a natural athlete, especially on the basketball court - you are so fun to watch!

-you went tubing for the first time this weekend and loved it

-you love your dog, Laci, and are good at taking care of her and making sure she doesn't escape from the back yard

-your favorite foods are "cheese hamburgers", macaroni and cheese, and pizza, among many others... favorite dessert? carrot cake, which we served at your party, and fondue!

-you love to collect Pokemon cards, and you have hundreds of them - all over the house

-your favorite pasttimes? Xbox, swimming, going to Mac's house (which also involves xbox and swimming)

-YOU ARE SO MUCH LIKE YOUR DADDY... as evidenced by the first 4 items on this list!

- YOU ARE LOVED MORE THAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW (until you have a boy one day of your own, who is bound to be just like you!

Here's to being eight years old! Let's enjoy it together, all year long.

I love you sweet boy,


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