Thursday, June 7, 2007

The beginning

So, I've been reading several blogs now for about a year, I guess. It all started when Lisa Whelchel directed us (those who read her weekly journal) to support her good friend, Sarah, as she began a new blog. I have been hooked ever since! My husband thinks it's sad, the time I spend reading up on all of these strangers' lives. I count it a blessing to "know" these ladies, most of them Christian, most of them young moms, all of them funny and so likeable. I've prayed with them as a daughter underwent heart surgery, as one found out she has cancer, as one buried a parent too early... and I've also rejoiced with them at the birth of new babies, baptisms, fun vacations. Too many times to count I've laughed out loud and sometimes even laughed through tears streaming down my face. So, as I begin my very own blog, let me introduce you to some of my very favorites....

Boomama (trust me... you will love her... go see!)
Bigmama (again with the name thing... trust me)
Sarah, at In The Midst of It
Heth, at From Under the Laundry Pile
Beth and Amanda, at The LPM Blog (what's NOT to love about her???)
Amanda, at Baby Bangs

These are just a few of the blogs I read regularly. Hope you take the time to check them out. You will be blessed, I promise!

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